Help Me Be Great is a blog that seeks to be a thought-provoking and engaging resource for teenagers who are interested in improving themselves and expanding their worldview.

When I originally started this blog in 2015 as a sophomore in high school, I sought to synthesize the content of smart and qualified adults into content that would be relevant for teenagers to read. I named the blog “Help Me Be Great” to signify that it would be a place for teenagers to learn how to be “great” through the lessons of adults put together in a way that spoke to them during their current stage of life. Throughout this process, I also wanted to document advice from specific people or groups that helped me make my life greater or improved my life in some way. In hindsight, 15 year old me could have probably chosen a more precise or descriptive vocabulary word instead of “great,” but I like to think that her ideas and reasoning was at least partially sound. The word “great” was intentionally open-ended so that the blog could discuss principles and ideas that are relevant to teenagers across a spectrum of interests and talents as long as they have an open mind and are willing to improve themselves and entertain new ideas.

If you’ve tried to peek around this site at all, it’s probably evident that content is currently lacking for a blog that started two years ago. I didn’t keep up with it quite as well as I should have (and almost all – if not all – of the older posts on this site are currently being edited for content and style because I don’t entirely agree with the decisions and viewpoints of my 15 year old self).

Now that I’m two years older, I’m focusing on blogging again and am excited to see how the goals and themes of Help Me Be Great may change and adapt to make sense for teenagers now. A portion of this blog will also be devoted to exploring themes and topics of discussion from my Rhetoric class this year.

In short: this is the journey of a 17 year old who wants to provide a valuable and interesting resource for fellow teenagers to learn about and define “greatness” for themselves personally. I hope that you can learn something here today!

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