Help Me Be Great is a blog run by a high schooler named Geeta.

Things that Geeta despises:
1) The fact that tons of people of every age have the potential to do great things, but don’t know how or have never been able to connect with successful people
2) Writing in the third person
3) The hypothesis that everybody likes odd-numbered lists, which means that I had to be pessimistic enough to come up with something else that I despise

Let’s be¬†positive instead. Through Help Me Be Great, I want to help people understand the timeless principles of success that will continue to be relevant as the world changes.

There are so many different truths of success that apply no matter where you want to go. Even if you aren’t sure where you want to go or what you want to do yet (cool, we’re practically twins), there are so many different things that you can be learning and doing now to prepare for anywhere that your dreams may take you.¬†Read more about it here.

A little bit about me: I’m currently an 11th grader, the Captain of an FTC Robotics team called (In)Formal Logic, a recreational skier, and an avid reader of any words that I can get my hands on.

Full disclosure: I still haven’t quite figured my life out. Right now, I’m trying to navigate the education system, connect with people, and pursue knowledge and success. Throughout this process, I’ve been learning some amazing lessons and hearing some epic stories from a variety of different people. And, after all, since sharing is caring, I thought I might write about these things so that you can learn with me!

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